About PTN

Passenger Transport Networks [PTN] is the operational name for the transport consultancy offered by Jonathan Tyler.  Jonathan has worked for the railway industry for nearly 50 years and is passionately committed to enhancing public transport.

He is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Logistics and Transport, a Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute for Transport Studies in the University of Leeds and an Honorary Research Fellow at the Institute of Railway Studies and Transport History in the University of York.

He has recently specialised in making the case for strategic timetabling in Britain, including work with ATOC and the Department for Transport.  Present practice is too fragmented to promote the sense of a national network.  By contrast, cyclical, symmetrical, integrated timetables are commonplace in mainland Europe.  PTN is using the Swiss Viriato software to build a 'Taktfahrplan' for Britain's railway.