Passenger Transport Networks [PTN] is the operating name of the transport consultancy offered by Jonathan Tyler.

Jonathan has worked for the railway industry for over 50 years and is passionately committed to enhancing public transport - particularly by introducing a strategic, integrated timetable for Britain's railway.

This website presents the documents that PTN produces.  We hope they will stimulate debate and generate sustainable solutions.


Zurich Hauptbahnhof

Latest from PTN

7 December 2016
Mr Grayling's utterly closed mind

Linked below is the reply to the letter signed by 54 experienced and concerned people requesting a meeting with the Secretary of State for Transport...

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16 November 2016
Government blocks debate on HS2

54 people with extensive experience in transport planning and regional economics asked to meet the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, to express their...

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1 October 2016
Department for Transport : obdurate, evasive and undemocratic

Attempts to engage in dialogue with the Department for Transport over HS2 are being met with obduracy and evasion and give the impression that any...

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